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Chef Richard Azzolini has recently arrived in the San Francisco Bay Area from Manhattan and East Hampton. He is available to help you with your cooking needs.

What Chef Azzolini offers:

In-home cooking.
Let me be your private chef for the day. After consulting with you about your culinary preferences, I will custom-design menus that reflect your personal tastes.

I can leave a week's worth of meals or a feast ready to serve for your
dinner party.

With my depth of experience I will be able to provide a wide variety of delicious food choices. I am equally skilled at preparing menus with meat and fish as I am with all vegetarian fare. Maximizing the flavors while creating the most healthful food inspires my cooking energies. With meticulous attention to detail and preparation, I am a consummate professional.

Let Chef Azzolini take care of it all:

  • Menu Planning
  • Shopping
  • Food Preparation in your home
  • Cleanup
  • Packaging the meals with instructions

I am a classically trained chef, having studied and worked in Europe, Asia, and America. My food reflects the influences of all three contintents. I have thirty years of experience in preparing gourmet food. My cookbook, There's a Chef in Your Freezer, was published in 2001. Cooking isn't just a job for me—it's a passion. I'm the chef who wakes up at 3am thinking of new fillings for my handmade ravioli. I agree with the philosophy that most of the 'cooking' takes place on the farm. I seek out the very best ingredients for my recipes. Mindful shopping is as important as the cooking.

Since every client has different needs, my fee is set once we work out a plan that suits yours.

Dinner Parties and Cocktail Parties
I offer two levels of service:

  1. I will prepare all the food, leaving you directions on how to heat and serve. I will come to your home, do all the food preparation, clean up, and leave you with a meal ready to serve.
  2. A more full services operation: I will come to your home and orchestrate all the food and service requirements for your party. I will do as much or as little as you require and desire. I pride myself in working closely with my clients to insure a fantastic result.

Price is based on level of service and menu chosen.

Cooking classes
Cooking classes can be custom designed to reflect your culinary interests. Classes can be from the basics of cooking to intricate culinary masterpieces. I will provide well written printed recipes for all students. I always recommend doubling the recipes so everyone can take home lots of leftovers.

I have a passion for teaching and welcome lots of questions and discussion in my classes. Tell me your culinary dreams and I will help make them a reality.

Have you considered having a cooking class dinner party? Get together with a group of friends and cook up a storm.

Suggested ideas for cooking class topics.

Price is based on class content desired.

Sample Menus for 2020

Hors D'oeuvres 
Chicken yakitori skewers   
Small baked potatoes with mushroom truffle-oil filling   
Endive leaves stuffed with gorgonzola, caramelized apple, and toasted walnuts   
Parmesan toasts with:   
• Caramelized onion balsamic marmalade   
• Toasted pine nut white bean spread   
• Red pepper mousse   
• Basil garlic goat cheese spread   
• Artichoke garlic mousse   
Orange tomato basil soup shots   
Gazpacho soup shots   
Asparagus wrapped with prosciutto   
Sweet ginger shrimp on a skewer   
Cherry tomatoes stuffed with curried lobster   
Herb wine poached shrimp with tomato horseradish sauce   
Ginger-soy avocado dip with Terra Chips   
Cucumber cups with caponata   
Teriyaki water chestnuts wrapped in crisp bacon   
Mango black bean salsa with blue corn chips   
Parmesan parsley garlic baked clams   
Smoked salmon mousse cucumber rolls   
Zucchini cups with red pepper mousse   
Parmesan puff pastry cheese straws   
Curried scallops with mango ginger chutney   
Chicken liver mousse with cognac and toasted almond   
Petit Croque Monsieur 
Spicy raw tuna cucumber rolls 
White truffle potato phylo pillows 
Crab cakes with lime-poblano aioli 
Pistachio orange olive savory biscotti 
Mushrooms stuffed with shrimp, with a ginger soy glaze 
Fava bean Pecorino crostini 
Lemon grass soy beef rolls with scallions,
red pepper, and sweet ginger
Potato pancakes with crème fraîche and caviar 

Orange gazpacho with avocado and basil oil   
Lobster and sweet corn chowder   
Tomato basil soup with shrimp   
California won ton in lemon grass broth   
Mussel and leek bisque   
Fresh pea with basil cream   
Real New England clam chowder (like mama used to make!)   
Kabocha squash with sweet ginger and toasted coconut
Tomato strawberry balsamic

Watermelon. arugula, and baked herb-crusted goat cheese / balsamic vinaigrette   
Lobster, papaya, avocado, and oak leaf lettuce with mango-ginger vinaigrette   
Tuscan beans with garlic shrimp and toasted pine nuts   
Curried chicken and lobster / fresh apricots, golden raisins, and mango dressing   
Ripe tomato and buffalo mozzarella with basil-tomato sorbet drizzled with Tuscan estate extra virgin olive oil and aged balsamic vinegar   
Lobster and couscous salad   
Ginger noodle salad   
Thai Papaya Shrimp Salad   
White and green bean salad with white  truffle oil   
Salad Niçoise with grilled lemon-thyme tuna, haricots verts, oven dried tomato, herb infused potatoes, anchovy-stuffed eggs, and Italian parsley-roasted garlic dressing   
Black and white sesame seed avocado with ginger-cilantro dressing   
Spicy noodle Salad with Peanut Dressing   

Mediterranean Antipasti   
Verdure Pinzimoni--Italian Crudités with Olive Oil Dip   
Peppers braised in balsamic vinegar   
Baked tomato and zucchini ring   
Parmesan Reggiano shards   
Oven dried plum tomatoes with basil-roasted garlic extra virgin olive oil dressing   
Warm chick pea salad with saffron   
Grilled portobello mushrooms with toasted pinenuts   
Oven roasted peppers with anchovies and capers   
Marinated olives with lemon and orange rind   
Grilled asparagus with parmesan   
Shrimp, mussel, and clam salad   
Caramelized peaches with prosciutto   
French lentils with baked goat cheese   
Bouillabaise of fennel   
Tuscan beans with white truffle oil   
Parmesan-parsley baked clams   

Pasta and Rice dishes   
Handmade pasta noodles and wilted spinach with roasted garlic pesto sauce   
Angel hair pasta with clams and mussels   
Seafood Lasagna   
Penne with fresh tomato orange sauce   
Swordfish Dumplings with Chinese Salsa   
Lobster ravioli with roasted tomato sauce   
Lobster risotto   
Ravioli with pumpkin and pine nuts, with a sage brown butter sauce
Summer vegetable risotto   
Creamy polenta with mascarpone and gorgonzola
Ricotta gnocchi with sage brown butter and roasted pepper

Vegetable dishes
Swiss chard with pine nuts and Parmesan
Spinach and banana saute
Pumpkin gratin with pistachios
Penne with fresh tomato orange sauce   
Crispy herb infused wild mushrooms
Butter infused corn with green cilantro and poblano peppers
Crispy potato and parsnip cakes
Artichoke hearts tossed with lemon infused olive oil
Beets with tropical flavors
New potatoes with fresh greens
Asparagus with crispy Parmesan chips
Pea shoots, green peas and crisp shallots in coconut milk
Eggplant with sweet miso glaze
Tomato sorbet with basil essence
Roasted shiitake mushrooms with onions and basil
Morel mushrooms braised in cream
Zucchini 'spaghetti' with creamy lemon chive dressing
Sweet peas with escarole, onions and mint
Parsnip mushroom pancakes
Spiced gingered Asian slaw

Grilled tuna with ginger, mango, and avocado salsa   
 Stripped bass in orange marinade   
Lobster in sweet ginger sauce   
Homard  à  l'américaine   
Lobster poached in lemon grass-ginger broth   
Polenta-crusted sea bass with corn and tomatillo salsa   
Salmon with lemon grass sesame marinade   
Rosemary tuna drizzled with Tuscan estate extra virgin olive oil and aged balsamic vinegar   
Whole black sea bass baked in a rosemary thyme salt crust   
Shrimp with tomato, feta cheese and black olives
Miso glazed black cod
Salmon with garlic cream and tomato butter

Chicken, Duck, Squab, Quail, and Rabbit   
Tangy Chicken with Shiitake Crust   
Chicken with Vichyssoise Sauce   
Chicken curry with peaches and coconut milk   
Chicken in red pepper sack   
Chicken polenta pot pie with summer vegetables   
Chicken with 40 cloves of garlic   
Chinese chicken with orange sauce   
Chicken Pistachio Korma with Chana dal
Roasted Duck à la Julia Child with fresh peach-apricot sauce   
Caramel orange ginger duck   
Grilled herb-marinated squab and quail   
Moroccan chicken phyllo pie (basteeya)
Pollo en salsa de Cacahuate (chicken in peanut sauce)
Rabbit with tarragon and mustard sauce   
Chicken Pistachio Korma 
Chicken Mulligatawney 
Lemon pepper duck with sherry wine vinegar sauce 
Chicken stuffed with goat cheese 
Grilled chicken with yogurt and Asian spices 

Veal, Beef, Lamb, and Pork   
Parmesan crusted veal chop with tomato arugula salad   
Balsamic basil and veal scallops   
Veal à la Marsala with wild mushrooms   
Orange-fennel osso bucco   
Beef on a string with basil vinaigrette   
Beef satay with peanut dipping sauce   
Grilled teriyaki filet of beef with sweet ginger, au jus   
Spareribs with Chinese barbeque sauce   
Grilled loin of pork stuffed with Parma ham   
Pork loin braised in milk with garlic and thyme   
Coconut curry lamb stew   
Cashew-coconut meatballs in
tamarind tomato sauce Moussaka
Grilled rosemary-thyme rack of lamb   
Ginger-soy marinated butterflied leg of lamb   
Lamb tagine with cous cous
Rogan Josh lamb (curry) 
Seven Hour leg of lamb 

Stained glass tart with passion fruit glaze,
served with vanilla bean ice cream  
Crema al la Marsala   
Cold kiwi soup with melon sorbet   
Pears Vesuvius   
Caramel pears with ginger   
Apricot almond upside down cake with vanilla bean cream   
Almond cherry financiers   
Cornmeal almond torta with fresh berries   
Reine de Saba (very rich chocolate gateau)   
Chocolate truffle tart   
Rouge berry fruit soup with  warm meringue crust   
Warm Chocolate Cake   
Crème brulée napoleon   
Couscous with orange and pistachios   
Blueberry and peach cobbler with vanilla bean ice cream   
Caramelized peach mango cake with passion fruit ice cream   
Fig and pinenut calafoutis   
Grilled summer fruit   
Lemon  curd tart with fresh berries   
Strawberries macerated in aged balsamic vinegar,
with polenta cookies  
Caramelized banana ice cream Sundae, with warm caramel walnuts and bittersweet chocolate sauce 
Meringue crusted stone fruit soup with vanilla bean essence
Hand dipped chocolate truffles
Marrons glacés cheese cake
Frozen hot chocolate
Cherry sweet sherry trifle
Thai rice pudding with coconut and lemon grass
Brioche chocolate walnut bread pudding
Warm chocolate soufflé
Orange curd layer pudding


For more information, contact Chef Azzolini at
(415) 680 6204.
or email .
Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about my chef services or cooking classes.

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